About Vibration Analysis

A little backgorund information

Vibration analysis is widely accepted as the most effective method for monitoring the condition and diagnosing problems of rotating machinery. An experienced engineer can accurately diagnose trouble spots via vibration measurements and historical data.

Measuring vibrations with more than just our hands

Vibration analysis has come a long way from touch and feel. The precision equipment we use today allows us to very accurately measure and record the vibrations of rotating equipment, and to detect faults such as unbalance, misalignment, bearing or gear damage and resonance conditions. The vibration spectrum provides frequency information which upon analysis allows a technician to pinpoint the faulty component.

Right from the start

Almost every time we start our testing regime, we find equipment ready to fail, and this is usually the first our new customers hear about the problem. It gets better from there; the more testing we provide, the more uptime increases. Suddenly, the maintenance supervisor has Saturdays off!

Decoding data is the key to understanding your machine's condition

Accurate analysis is crucial to condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Condition monitoring allows you to find patterns or trends in the data. Trends and disruptions in trends alert technicians to problem areas.