Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

Detect future failures early

Using our techniques, you'll be able to recognize the first sign of trouble. This will enable your maintenance team to schedule repairs on your time -- not when a catastrophic event dictates an emergency fix. Preplanned remedial repairs are hands down cheaper than emergency repairs. Better yet, find the minor faults, make minor remedial actions, and see uptime increase production.

A really good vibration analyst can start diagnosing equipment from the first reading. As we collect more data over time, the analysis will become more accurate. Interaction with your personnel and ours makes the calls and repairs even better. Everyone contributes to a wonderful continuous improvement loop.

Lower Your Cost and prevent Equipment Failure

Equipment failure costs money hand over foot. Not only because emergency service is costly, but also equipment failure can have a chain reaction that will damage more equipment. It's best to completely avoid that situation when possible. Preventative maintenance allows for that by fixing problem areas before a failure happens. Predictive maintenance lowers the cost of traditional preventative maintenance. By monitoring your equipment you know exactly what to fix and when to fix it.

Fewer Failures Means a Safer Work Place

Equipment failures can create chaotic emergency situations which increase the possibility of a workplace injury! Ensuring reliable equipment creates a safer workplace for your staff. And a safer work place is always worth the investment, regardless of what the return on that dollar looks like.

Train your staff where they work

A training centered program is your key to a sustainable predictive maintenance program. Your staff will learn how to collect and interpret data that will keep your equipment running as it was designed. And they'll learn how to do this in their own work place.