End silo bridging. Save a life.

Anderson Engineering has built and patented a device that will end the need to put workers in a silo. Bridging, rat holing, voids and other flow problems will be quickly eliminated with the Anderson Engineering TSS2.

An estimated 62% of documented grain entrapments result in death.

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How the TSS2 Works:

Step 1

The TSS2 is lowered from the top of the silo, burying itself in the material with the high torque air drive turning its augur.

Step 2

Upon reaching the bridge, the operator starts the powerful vibrator and free the bound material from the inside.

Step 3

Once the bridge or other obstruction is destroyed, the operator will reverse the augur and lift the TSS2 out of the silo.

See the TSS2 in action:


Complete stainless steel design

Quick deployment

Simple controls

Inexpensive operation

Eliminates need for personnel to enter silo


Eliminates need for personnel to enter silo

Free upgrades for two years

One-time set-up and training cost


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