Services by Anderson Engineering


We train your staff at your facility, which offers many benefits. with a seminar customized for you. Your technicians will learn more in your facility, using your computers, testing your equipment.

For technician training, we teach the theory of vibration analysis and its correlations to practical applications. Then we do it, again and again until case histories are developed on the equipment in your facility. This means that when a student finishes, he has already performed the work using your equipment in your facility on your machinery. This means there will not be any unforeseen obstacles that he doesn't know how to overcome. We will have already done every step and overcome any possible hurdle in the program on your site.

If there is a computer or instrument problem we generally resolve it before or during training. We are not equipment salesmen. We want to use your instruments and software to the best of its designed ability. If you need to purchase equipment and want advice regarding what to purchase, we can provide it. But during the training -- we train not sell. We have worked with most software and hardware in the predictive maintenance field.

We know that even the best students will have questions after the completing the training program. So we provide up to 8 hours of phone support to make sure your techs are making the most out of their training.

Remote Analysis

If you want your personnel to collect the vibration data, but you don't want to hassle with analyzing the data, we can do it and provide you with a report (sample reports can be provided). Some preliminary training will be necessary to make sure your testing correlates to our analysis and do some documentation of your facility. With this service option, you get years of engineering expertise in this field without that engineer on your full time payroll.

The report starts with the most severe problems, for which we usually predict time to failure. As the vibration problems decrease, the position in the report for that machine decreases. We usually break the report into "Severe", "Moderate" and "Minor" categories. This lets you decide what to fix and when. At the end we provide a list of bearings that need to be lubricated.

I told my first customer these guide lines and I still hold to them. "Get a fresh cup of coffee and start reading our report. Before the coffee cools you will know everything that could shut you down this month. By the time you finish drinking that cup you will know everything you want to do to make your plant run well, including what you need to grease." In over 30 years no one has objected to this statement.

We have had good success with the following plan. A customer buys or leases equipment either through us or directly with the OEM. We do the data base startup described separately. We then provide our three day technician training seminar. During the next year, we provide monthly reports after analyzing your vibration data. Your engineers or technicians get better at doing analysis and probably attend an advanced course. You may want to use ours, or get another point of view. When the year ends, your personnel can take over the remote analysis, and when you need to, use us on a case by case basis.

Start-Up Support

There are hurdles that can slow down or even prevent a Predictive Maintenance Program's implementation. During stat-up you have to know more about the software and testing instruments than at any other time in the life of the program. An inconvenient paradox, it requires knowledge of the results you want before you can seen what you can even get.

Let us help your staff through this difficult phase, and your program will be operating in no time. This is a very powerful service when combined with the Training or Remote Analysis services. We do all the tedious data input to the software. And since we are experienced at this we do it in a fraction of the time it takes others. Your personnel will be able to start testing the first day we bring the database to your facility.

Manpower Assistance

We can provide experienced technicians and any equipment necessary to do your testing, assist with balancing, or to help get your personnel familiar with good practices.

Data Centers

Data centers have a unique need for reliable back up equipment. It is troubling to us how often we find equipment that is about to go online that is simply not ready to run. VFD issues are often present throughout the facility.


New equipment, new line, new plant, three statements that mean lost sleep for engineers and maintenance professionals. We can test your new equipment and verify that it is in excellent condition. No loose bearings or damaged motors. The contractors make the first years repairs before leaving site.

New equipment costs can also be decreased, since the company can include vibration standards in the machine specifications. This allows you to know that all new machinery is installed well and without flaws. Trust but verify: you should not assume your new equipment is in excellent condition, you should verify that it is.

My first days testing at an Asian refinery showed a large pump that had very high vibration which should not have been accepted by the refinery. It was at a cost of over $100,000. The vibration was so bad they refused to use the pump.

We tested all new equipment in a new state of the art Truck body plant in 2000. One of the things we caught was a bad motor bearing. This was the main hydraulic motor for the biggest hydraulic press in the plant. It probably would have run a few months and then cost about 12 hours of total plant downtime. What did happen was the contractor replaced the motor and the customer never saw any of the costs.

- Quotes from founder Michael Anderson